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Step 1. Open the packaging

Using a pair of scissors carefully cut the packaging open and remove the alarm.

Step 2. Mark the fixing holes

Hold the base plate to the ceiling and using a pencil mark the the fixing holes.

Step 3. Drill the holes

Carefully drill the 2 small holes and insert the plugs provided.

Step 4. Fix the base plate

Fix the base plate to the ceiling using the screws provided.

Step 5. Attach the alarm

Attach the alarm to the base plate, twisting it into position until it locks.

Step 6. Remove the tab

Completely remove the yellow battery tab. This will automatically connect the battery.

Step 7. Press the test button

Press the test button. This will test the alarm's electronics and trigger the test sequence.

Step 8. The test sequence

A series of beeps will sound, followed by the message "Fire! Fire!" then another two series of beeps and the message "WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE!" followed by 4 additional short beeps.

Step 9. LED indicators during normal operation

When the alarm is functioning correctly and in standby mode the front LED should flash green every 30 sec. If the LED frequency varies from this, please see the complete instruction manual.

Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

View the Kidde KE10DS complete instruction manual and user guide